Dad always said: The best gifts in life are the ones you don't ask for...

Thanks Marvin, for being my Big Brother
by Simma Chester

So many years ago when I graduated high school, I was anxious to get out into the world and start my very own life. My cousin Sue and I took a riotous train ride across the country to California. This was to be the start of my independent journey. Initially I stayed with my sister Evelyne and her husband Bob who promptly taught me how to drive. What a revelation.

Marvin was out of the country as I recall. Upon Marvin's return he graciously and generously invited me to move in with him into his upstairs apartment on Purdue Ave in West Los Angeles. He was not yet the full Professor he was to become at UCLA. That goal would be reached shortly. Marvin took me under his wing and helped me to grow and expand as a young adult. He made every effort to encourage me in any direction in which I showed interest. He introduced me to his friends and a new life that I had yearned for. A wondrous gift he gave me was my first car. It was a 1954 Ford, I treasured this vehicle, I named it "Wahlmeur", for reasons I can't fathom now. I was in awe of the generosity and good will of my brother. Marvin was very open and was my friend, confidante and guide. Always patient and understanding.

The world seemed young then in 1963. The Beatles had just emerged onto the scene, but I remember Marvin and I enjoying jazz and going to jazz clubs then. In fact he had a friend who was a jazz singer named Cleo who I thought was the coolest. Marvin took me to dinners at, was it called, the Sea Lion (?) on Pacific Coast Highway, the first of many meals there. I was duly impressed.

Marvin's friends became my friends until I formed my own circle, I shall ever be grateful to Marvin for helping me merge from childhood into young adulthood under his wing.

Since that time we have spent many good times together in many places where he offered me shelter in his home.

As in Brighton, England where I reemerged into the West after a long stint in India; in Grenoble, France; in Berlin, Germany where I met the lovely Elfi Bolart, the future Mrs. Chester. And of course, that delicious time Jeffrey and I spent at Palms when Elfi and I were pregnant with Peter and Harun, the four of us were wrapped in a cacoon of impending delight.

Thanks Marvin, for being my Big Brother.

A very happy and healthy birthday to you and many many more.

One more thing, Marvin, let's not forget:

Mirchoslaf Horshavsky Von Sharfz Metacloom III

An anthology of personal naratives regarding our beloved Marvin Chester