Dad always said: The best gifts in life are the ones you don't ask for...

A Man Of The World
by Lisa Liccini

Marvin was, for me, always regarded as a "man of the world", who obviously enjoyed turning younger, and more ignorant persons, like myself at the time, on to new and different experiences. So before we took a trip to Dieppe (spelling?), a small, quaint little fishing town on the French Atlantic coast, he kept telling me about the treasures of the French culture. In particular the food. And he always described to me in great detail this wonderful French cheese, Brie.

Well, we finally arrived in Dieppe and we walked all around taking in the flair and ambience. Then we chanced upon a Fromagerie and Marvin insisted on buying some Brie which I was to sample as soon as we found a quiet, appropriate place. In front of a little church in a small courtyard he hastily unwrapped the paper wrapper from the melting and sticking white mass.

The first thing I noticed was a strong, pungent odor emerging from the stuff. Then with the grace and excitement of a true connoisseur, he carefully tore a piece of this stringy, sticky, smelly, but exotic piece of French culture and gave me it to stick in my mouth. Well, I shall never forget my first spontaneous association. I blurted out, "But Marvin it tastes like nose snot!!"

I think poor Marvin, my worldly mentor was quitted disappointed with me in that moment, but to make up for it he promised to show me a butcher for horse meat only............................



PS: Merry Christmas!

An anthology of personal naratives regarding our beloved Marvin Chester