Dad always said: The best gifts in life are the ones you don't ask for...

Green Lights
by Lisa Chester

I remember as a little girl driving in the car with you, and at each red light we’d come to, you’d say “Abra Cadabra……..” and, just like magic, that light would always turn green!

And, I KNEW, being young and innocent that it was YOU, my father, who was responsible for those lights changing from red to green!

As I grew a little more worldly, I came to realize the cold, harsh truth that in fact, it wasn’t you who made the lights green, but this was a product of our city’s traffic control. What a disillusionment!

But now, as I’m approaching 40, and am coming into a little wisdom of my own, I know that it is you Dad, who is responsible for many of the green lights in my life.

You’ve given me so many green lights, some of which are,

- the green lights of laughter and love of life;

- that it’s ok to laugh at life’s absurdities, and most things in life don’t need to be taken quite so seriously;

- that protocol doesn’t always need to be followed, in fact, it’s probably quite unwise;

- that only a few things are TRULY important, and everything else is really quite hilarious – from the amazing technology of the new millenium to basic human nature!

And that, hopefully “Wonders Never Cease"....

Thank you Dad, for the green lights of your wisdom, and unique way of looking at life.

Happy, happy birthday!

Love, Lisa

An anthology of personal naratives regarding our beloved Marvin Chester