Dad always said: The best gifts in life are the ones you don't ask for...

The Boho!
by Lindsey Chester

It was a sunny winter evening in 1998 when we entered the Bohemian Café. I remember being deafened by the roar of hungry lions in my bowels and the induced salivation as the succulent aromas from neighboring tables wafted by. I puzzled over the strange texture of the cloth lain ready to endure the onslaught of vino, debris and crayons.

A record scratched to a halt in my subconscious, "crayons?" I questioned.

No sooner had I begun to ponder this thought than my attention was drawn to Marvin's voice, "So Lindsey, tell me, what are you studying at this present time?" I believe my response could be summarized in three simple words, Polymerase Chain Reaction. On saying this, glasses were cast aside, plates piled and cloth flattened.

"Crayons", I requested.

Some time passed. Many words were exchanged and crayons blunted. A weave of DNA and test tubes arose in front of me, surrounded by primers, genetic codes and procedures. Neurons were firing in a state of hyperactivity when out of nowhere the waiter fumbled, "I see you are busy, I'll come back later." To this day I dare not think what he saw on that tablecloth. To Marvin and I it was a masterpiece.

Happy Birthday Marvin.

An anthology of personal naratives regarding our beloved Marvin Chester