Dad always said: The best gifts in life are the ones you don't ask for...

Dearest friend
by Ken & Jane Wong

Jane and I extend our best wishes for your birthday! It has been 31 years since our first meeting at USC. Since then we have had several long and short meetings and get togethers. We enjoyed every minute. Frankly you have been one of our best friends. We have gone through several changes of our lives together, including marriage, children and seeing them grow up! For me, my youngest daughter is now in college (Duke), my son in Med School and my oldest daughter working for E&Y for 2.5 years already! After next semester I shall retire from KU. We will try to visit you soon! Of course I will follow your lead and try to continue on things that I enjoy doing, including some physics!

Perhaps, this is the time for me to tell you that I have benefited a lot from your friendship. It was really enjoyable talking and discussing with you everything, including physics. To conclude, we like to wish you the best and happiest birthday.

Your most sincere friends,

Ken and Jane

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