Dad always said: The best gifts in life are the ones you don't ask for...

by Judy Sadoff

Of the twelve Halpern grandchildren, I was the second oldest and Marvin the third oldest with a two and a half year age difference between us. One of our favorite games as children was playing The Lone Ranger and Tonto, galloping around the area behind our grandparents home in Shrub Oak, slapping our thighs and yelling "Hi Yo Silver, Away" at the top of our lungs. Since I was older, I got to play the part of the Lone Ranger, of course, and Marvin was the faithful Indian side kick, Tonto.

One of my special memories is of the times our two families, the Kahns and the Chesters would get together at a deli for an informal Sunday evening supper when we, the Kahns, lived in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan and the Chesters lived in mid-Manhattan.

Then there was the time Aunt Sadie introduced Marvin and me to culture by way of a performance of "Trial By Jury" and "HMS Pinafore" and I have loved Gilbert and Sullivan ever since. I have a vague feeling that Sistie (Faith) may have been with us but in my memory it was just the three of us. I wonder if that performance made as big an impression on Marvin as it did on me.

(And just briefly, in passing, I will mention the time we were caught playing doctor by our mothers - a most traumatic experience.)

And so, dear cousin, I wish you much joy, good health and happiness along with invigorating new experiences and all the other good things that life has to offer as you enter your seventh decade.

With Much Affection,


An anthology of personal naratives regarding our beloved Marvin Chester