Dad always said: The best gifts in life are the ones you don't ask for...

For my brother Marvin.
by Faith Berger

I remember the days when we were young. We were always together. We would visit family on the weekends and go to museums with Mom during the week after school. She encouraged us to learn about our country and the world around us. It was always lots of fun.

My greatest memory was being together with the family on the Jewish holidays.

Although our aunts and uncles are now deceased, I will always remember all of them as they were when I was young.

On our Mom's side, our grandparents had a home in Shrub Oak, we would visit all the time. Many times we would stay for weekends, together with cousins and family and friends. It was always great fun and provides me with many happy memories.

But time passes and life goes on. So to you big brother I say Happy Birthday and may you have many more to come.

Love, Faith

An anthology of personal naratives regarding our beloved Marvin Chester