Dad always said: The best gifts in life are the ones you don't ask for...

Dance With Me
by Elfi

Come dance with me, is what he wrote me in courtship.

It therefore strikes me as funny that his relationship to his own feet is that of neglect. Sometimes I think he likes to forget about them, because they are too far away from his head. That's really where he likes to be, mostly taking journeys to far away places.

When I complained once that he should turn his socks inside-out, before they go into the wash, he told me, not to worry about it: inside-out, rightside-in --- what difference does it make. I'll wear them any which way they'll come.

It might have been at that point when we really started dancing. You don't know how liberating it is until you've tried: wear one sock inside-out, better yet, two different socks altogether and do not worry about it.

We keep dancing like two japanese cranes with barely a foot touching the ground. "Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god", one of Marvin's favorite quotes by Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle.

An anthology of personal naratives regarding our beloved Marvin Chester